Balanced Nutrition for Cancer Patients

About EON Therapy

Esperer Nutrition took on to build Indian gut specific nutrition for cancer cachexia because it felt that targeted nutrition is needed to compliment therapy & not simply give nutrition which may have challenges in bioavailability of metabolism.

Our research team has developed Novel and Comprehensive Nutrition Supplement during various stages of cancer treatment and also to rebuild the body and maintain good health.

Esperer Nutrition offers World’s first Research based stage & condition specific nutrition supplements@hypermetabolic conditions for cancer patients.

Nutritional Composition

  • Contains easily digestible proteins with high PDCAAS Score and MCTs. Provides adequate quantity of all micro and macro nutrients required for cancer patients.
  • Immunity Boosters L- Glutamine, Ganoderma Lucidium Extract, Curcumin, Coumarin, Immunoglobulins from Colostrum
  • Micronutrients such as Vitamins and Minerals (providing at least 50% to 75% of RDA in a day serving)


Health Benefits

  • Helps in Tissue Building and Reduce Inflammation
  • For the reduction of Oxidative Stress
  • For the better management of constipation and better bowel movements
  • Helps in the restoration of GUT Flora and help restore overall Gut Health

During cancer gut is highly inflated and nutrient absorption is very poor, this product is specially made to reduce gut inflammation and also provide ingredients in a more bioavailable and easily digestible forms.

EON Edge

    • All products are lactose free, does not contain any added sugar, hence suitable for diabetic patients
    • All products are suitable for Tube feeding. Osmolarity – 280 to 300 Mosmol / litre ( when diluted asper the instructions on the label
    • All the ingredients used in these products are GRAS approved and hence do not have any side effects (ADR) with any of the Oncology drugs used.
    • EON therapy has an excellent taste profile to suit to the altered taste changes commonly found in patients undergoing chemo/radio therapies
    • The flavor & taste of the products have been developed thru trials in coordination with a large number of the patient population undergoing treatment so as to arrive at the best possible Organoleptic and Olfactory properties.
    • Providing scientifically proven, comprehensive nutrition solution for cancer therapy, complying with ICMR Guidelines & RDA for Indian Population.

Comply with the requirements of ASPEN Guidelines on nutritional support for cancer patients.

  • Fortified with the goodness of Whey pepetides, MCT, Multivitamins, Amino Acids & Dietary Fibre among others
  • Provides the optimal composition complementing the cancer treatment
  • Can be given as a diet replacement throughout the duration of the treatment

ES Invigour Features

Balanced Nutrition for Cancer Patients

  • Optimal Nutrition

  • Rebuild Gut Health

  • Low GI Formula

  • Diabetic Friendly

Clinically proven global standard patented ingredients over EON Portfolio

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