The core idea is to modulate the gut microbiota through nutrition, to reduce the risk factors causing non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Our R & D team is focused on two key aspects:

  • Discovering, generating clinical data, standardising and sourcing of immunomodulators. The modulation of the immunity system is possible using these nutrients which are not accessible via normal diet.
  • Carefully designing and clinically validating our products with these immunomodulatory nutrients and supplementation which will modulate the gut to prepare for, support or enhance the effect of therapy for the patient.

Academic Initiatives

Malnutrition does not exist in isolation and it cannot be solved by one sole intervention:

Hence EON’s academic platform, E2RN, focuses  on nutrition as a multidisciplinary and complementary therapy approach, both in case of preventive and disease management areas.

Active engagement:
Unlike nutrition-specific interventions, nutrition-sensitive development is also being actively debated by global experts and E2RN takes initiatives to aggregate a commonly accepted definition.

There is insufficient evidence on what nutrition-sensitive interventions actually work on and under what circumstances. Collecting these evidences and bringing  them to the world, makes E2RN platform nutrition-sensible.