Es Fortitude GH

A complete Nutritional Support for GI Cancer

Es-Fortitude GH is created to help meet the specialized nutrition needs of people with GI Cancer

GI Cancer may wreak havoc on the Human Microbiota

  • GI cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer deaths (8.8% of total cancer deaths) worldwide
  • Gastrointestinal cancers can significantly impact nutrition status, malnutrition negatively impacts response to treatment, quality of life and survival
  • Approximately half of the patients has malnutrition, and, the mortality rate varies from 30-50%, reaching 80% in cases of advanced pancreatic cancer
  • Patients with GI malignancy undergoing major elective procedures have a higher risk of postoperative particularly related to Surgical Stress, Immune Suppression induced by cancer or by blood transfusion
  • Malnourished patients are at greater risk of adverse clinical outcomes and higher incidence of complications like wound/infectious complications
  • Malnutrition is commonly found in advanced gastric cancer patients due to poor absorption of essential nutrients

ES Fortitude GH Features

A complete Nutritional Support for GI Cancer

  • Reduces Gut Inflammation

  • Contains Liposomal Curcumin, having 4X Bioavailability

  • Rebuild Gut Microbiota

  • Promotes Immunomodulatory Response

  • Improves Gut Immunity

Clinically proven global standard patented ingredients over EON Portfolio

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