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Journal of Cancer Therapy - Vol. 13, No. 2

Managing Cachexia and Improving Quality of Life in Cancer Patients Using Novel Nutritional Supplements: A PAN India Study

The Clinical Value of Nutritional Care Before and During Active Cancer Treatment

Early detection of malnutrition and early management of nutritional status in parallel with oncological treatment could enhance anti-cancer therapies.

Post-Discharge Oral Nutritional Supplementation After Surgery For Gastrointestinal Cancer: Real or Marginal gains?

Enteral nutritional supplementation in malnourished surgical patients during the post-discharge period was shown to lead to statistically significant improvements in nutritional status, quality of life, and morbidity.

The Link Between Kidney Disease and Cancer: Complications and Treatment

The prevalence of chronic kidney disease is high in individuals with kidney cancer (29%) and bladder cancer (46%): in both cancer types, chronic kidney disease has been observed before surgical treatment.