EON R&D Innovates the “DINI AXIS”

Indian Patent Applied in the field of Nutritional intervention for
Non-communicable Disease (NCDs)

Esperer Nutrition (EON), a Research Based Nutraceutical firm pioneering into critical disease prevention & management using EON Therapy.
At Esperer Nutrition, we strive to champion the role of nutritional therapies that have proven clinical and health benefits.

• We aim to understand, treat & help to prevent a range of medical conditions by leveraging nutrition as sciences.
• With special emphasis on onco-nutrition, we provide 360-degree solution right from disease management (NCDs, etc) all the way up to nutritional intervention in preventive care .
• EON has achieved various Indian and International alliance in the field of Nutraceutical research and marketing.


World’s 1st Condition & Stage-Specific Cancer Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy ensures Quality Health Outcomes for Cancer Patients


Supportive Nutrition

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Cancer Disease Management

RX Vertical

Creating Nutrition Conscious Planet

EON Introduces

Nutrition Therapy ensures Quality Health Outcomes for Cancer Patients


“The rise of infectious diseases and drug-resistant pathogens, demands inovative approaches to decrease mortality.
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Cancer Disease Management

“Approximately four in ten cancers are preventable through behaviour changes alone.”
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Supportive Nutrition

Manipulating nutrition intake even slightly during cancer therapy, can vastly improve your health.
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