Our Approach
to Innovation

At Esperer Nutrition, we believe in the ethos of scientific temper and research, our objectives to work with a vision of driving transformational medicines for patients. The purpose of the R and D vertical is to work in sync with industry leaders, medical practitioners, scientists, bio-technologists and propose scientifically backed alternative nutrition solutions. In process, we focus on the nuances of the immune system of the human body, genetics and ethnic variations of culture, food habits at all. The R and D wing helps us provide the most opportune solutions to life threatening diseases such as cancer.


The team at Esperer Nutrition has developed a unique proposition, DINI Axis. It is a well established fact that the body’s nutritional consumption and lack impacts the physical and mental well-being. The psychological sense of comfort and reward that fatty, sugary foods provide act as a stimulus to make unhealthy diet preferences. In the process, we miss out on the consumption of micronutrients which leads to malnutrition and nutrient deficiency diseases.

In today’s era, where we are exposed to multiple forms of online/offline marketing tactics by industrial players, selling unhealthy snacks, beverages etc, it becomes imperative to make Conscious food choices and not get carried away. Another factor that has lead to a paradigmatic shift in global consumption patterns is high per capital income in developed countries and a sedentary lifestyle, adding to the existing health woes. From diabetes, obesity to high blood pressures, children as young as 12-13 years of age are getting entrapped by a false narrative built by influencer marketing.

The team of scientists at EON which inks the evidence of the relationships between Diet Infections nutrition Immunity and NCDs which the company has pursued as a unique proposition called the “DINI AXIS” concept , this helps execute the research work.

The DINI AXIS research initiative is categorised into four steps:

Ecological meta-analysis which compared different populations, the effects of migration of populations, food availability during economic development, and differences in dietary and nutrient intakes.

Numerous epidemiological / pandemic studies have triggered the associations between diet and biological risk factors of NCDs.

Interventions with specific nutrients and foods in placebo-controlled trials using both healthy and diseased subjects confirmed the relationships of drug-nutrient interactions and its outcomes.

Molecular and genetic intervention has been taken under research projects through which diet and nutrients affect genetic mutation and expression, adding to our knowledge of how nutrition influences immunity and improves the quality of life.

Our Pipeline

Esperer Nutrition is dedicated to investigating, developing and mitigating health challenges through scientific methodologies and tech intervention at the right levels of research. We believe India can be an exemplary case in point when it comes to preventive onco-nutrition. Our team is working robustly to come up with a product line, produced locally for the Indian and global audience suiting the palate without compromising on the medical benefits. We hope to answer the needs of patients, payers and their prayers for loved ones to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Clinical Trials/PMS

EON management believes it is wise to assess the safety, mechanism of action and efficacy of nutraceuticals with clinical data. A growing demand exists for nutraceuticals, which seem to reside in the grey area between pharmaceuticals and food. Nonetheless, given specific legislation from different countries, nutraceuticals are experiencing challenges with safety and health claim substantiation. Nevertheless, there is a lack of clear information and, often, the claimed health benefits may not be properly substantiated by safety and efficacy information or in vitro and in vivo data, which can induce false expectations and miss the target for a product to be effective, as claimed.

EON Research initiative is focussed to add value globally in validating nutraceutical health claims, building pharma grade clinical evidence and formulating newer versions of clinical nutrition portfolios. That’s how “EON’s Evidence based Responsible Nutrition” (E2RN) is poised to fulfil the need of offering clinically proven, science based clinical nutrition portfolios to end users from disease management to supportive and preventive care segments.