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An Upgraded Nutritional Therapy in CKD

Poor Nutritional Status in CKD

  • Protein-energy wasting (PEW) is a state of metabolic and nutritional derangements which is common in
    patients with CKD and ESRD
  • The prevalence of PEW has been reported to be 20–25% in early to moderate CKD and increases as
    CKD progresses
  • Cumulative evidence suggests that PEW, muscle wasting, and cachexia are common and strongly
    associated with mortality in CKD

Complications include :-


Cardiovascular disease



Bone and mineral disorder

Infection and decreased quality of life

Adequate energy supplementation combined with low-protein diet (LPD) for the management of CKD may prevent the development of Protein PEW and can improve adherence to LPD.

The dietary protein requirement may increase with aging and is higher under dialysis therapy.

The advantages of oral nutritional supplements include proven efficacy, safety, compliance and is effective in replenishing protein and energy stores.

RenVoitho LP Features

  • Low PRSL (Potential Renal Solute Load)

  • Low GI & Low Glycemic Load

  • (PotentialLow Phosphorous & Sodium formula

  • Reduces Serum Creatinine & frequency of Dialysis

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