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Commitment to Public Health

EON CSR is a mindful attempt at serving cancer patients by providing EON’s specialized nutrition product portfolio support at subsidized cost specially for patients from lower economic strata.
Chemotherapy is one of the most critical treatments of cancer care. However, majority of patients who are undergoing therapy or are recuperating, still run a risk of survival due to acute malnutrition, recurrence of cancer and extreme debilitating weakness. It’s difficult and often a traumatic experience for the patient who successfully goes through all cycles of chemotherapy. A number of Cancer survivors face a lack of choice and guidance on the nutritional front in a post-chemo stage.

EON’s dedicated team of researchers, oncologists, nutritionists, scientists and doctors address nutritional needs during the different stages of cancer treatment. With a special focus on the recovery stage, the product offerings ensure a healthier and faster recovery graph. EON with due diligence aims to innovate and build on it’s humanist vision to provide equitable access to optimal healthcare and support to all cancer patients despite their demographics. We plan to serve the most needy and vulnerable patient groups across pan-India by protecting them against potential loss of life due to nutritional deficiencies in the preventive and supportive nutrition niche.

What we are providing ?

Malnutrition is a universal issue holding back development with unacceptable human consequences. Yet the opportunity to end malnutrition has never been greater. The burden of malnutrition across the world remains unacceptably high, and progress unacceptably slow. Malnutrition is responsible for more ill health than any other cause.

The prevalence of malnutrition in cancer patients ranges from 30% to 80%. Cachexia is a multifactorial syndrome characterised by an ongoing loss of lean body mass with negative protein and energy balance driven by reduced food intake combined with an abnormal metabolism and systemic inflammation. Malnutrition & cachexia-related weight loss in cancer patients is thought to be caused by a combination of undernutrition, inflammation, and cancer-induced catabolism.

Esperer Nutrition took on to build Indian gut specific nutrition for cachexia because it felt that targeted nutrition is needed to compliment therapy and not simply give nutrition which may have challenges in bioavailability of metabolism.

After so much of research work Esperer Nutrition has managed to crack the code for addressing cachexia through Indian gut specific nutrition.

No more Malnutrition, is a noble initiative taken by Esperer Nutrition, where we reach out to those patients who are financially challenged and help them by Co-paying for research based condition specific nutrition supplements@ hypermetabolic conditions for cancer patients. This way we would be able to reduce some financial burden and assist them in recovering from the whirlpool of cachexia. Under Co-Pay program of Esperer Nutrition, we will contribute towards the cost of the product leaving some minimal contribution from the patient. Esperer Nutrition will be there with those patients who need the most and will go extra mile paying even the entire cost in very needy patients unable to bear any further financial burden.

Esperer Nutrition Co-Pay program simple to operate with no time loss at your end. The patient can access our website in filling up a form to get assistance. For those who cannot operate website can call toll free service centre to get assistance.

Once data is entered by applicant, based on patient financial stress , the application goes for EON’s ethical committee for their review. The ethical committee approves budget for Co-Pay that Esperer Nutrition has to pay. Rest is recovered from the patient digitally over supply of supplements.

To maintain neutrality in Esperer Nutrition Co-Pay program, we have created ethical committee who come from different leadership positions from nutritional ecosystem. The entire process from submission to co-pay budget release, take 48 hours only.

Terms & Conditions / Disclaimer

This is to inform and expressly notify that:
As regards to the CSR activities (Co-pay scheme) undertaken by Esperer Nutrition Limited (‘EON’), such CSR activities are undertaken only through or by their authorised employees/ consultants belonging to their respective CSR Divisions/ CSR Ethics Team (and not by or through any intermediary or third person purporting to act on their behalf) and strictly in accordance with the criteria set-out by EON.

EON and the EON CSR Division/ Ethics Team reserve the right to take appropriate legal action (whether civil or criminal) against any unauthorised/ fraudulent individuals/ entities in relation to their respective CSR activities.
No one from EON or EON CSR Division/ Ethics Team, nor their promoters, investors, officers, directors, executives and employees are in any way directly or indirectly involved or connected with any unscrupulous or fraudulent activities and/ or any unauthorised/ fraudulent individuals/ entities, as regards their respective CSR activities.

If, despite what is stated hereinabove, if any member of the general public (including NGOs, Trust, etc.) choose to engage with and/ or deal with any unauthorised/ fraudulent individuals/ entities (“unauthorised engagement/ dealing”);

(i) Neither EON nor the EON CSR Division/ Ethics Team, nor their respective promoters, officers, directors and/or employees shall be bound by or will have any liability relating to or arising from any such unauthorised engagement/ dealing;

(ii) Any such unauthorised engagement/ dealing shall be entirely at the risk of such member of the general public, including as regards the costs and consequences thereof and shall not in any way whatsoever render EON and the EON CSR Division/ Ethics Team, including their respective promoters, officers, directors and employees (whether directly or indirectly) liable or responsible including for any loss and/or damage that may be incurred, suffered or sustained by any such members of the general public and;

(iii) Any such unauthorised engagement/ dealing shall be subject to the defences, rights, claims and contentions of EON and the EON CSR Division/ Ethics Team, and that of their respective promoters, officers, directors and employees.

EON is the sole owner of information collected from members of the general public on this website. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others in any way that would tamper the privacy.

Further, the member of the General public shall agree to the following Terms and Conditions:
The information that would be furnished by me is true to the best of my knowledge and understanding. I ensure to release all the documents/ information required to process my claims that the Company has mandated for. I understand that I am financially responsible under the Co-pay scheme that I would be applying for.

Further, the members of the General public agree to the following Criteria set-out under the Co-pay Scheme of EON:

i. If Income less than 20,000 but more than 15,000 p.m.
Co-Pay: EON pays 70%, patient pays 30%
ii. If Income less than 15000 but greater than 10,000 p.m.
Co-Pay: EON Pays 80%, Patient pays 20%
iii. If Income less than 10,000 p.m.
Co-Pay: EON pays 100%
iv. For income above 20,000 but less than 50,000 p.m.
Co-Pay: EON pays 50%
v. For income above 50,000 p.m.
Co-Pay: EON Pays 30%
vi. For no income, On ration card BPL.
Co-Pay: EON pays 100%
vii. Complete waiver for Defence personnel and their spouse and children.
viii. 50% Co-Pay for Police personnel

If you require any more information or have any questions about the CSR Co-pay Scheme, please feel free to contact us at our Toll-Free number

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