Es Fortitude HaemoCal

Nutritional & Metabolic Support in BMT

Providing Optimal & Comprehensive Support & Encompassing the Nutritional shortfall in BMT

Nutritional & Metabolic Support in BMT

BMT patients invariably develop Oroesophageal Mucositis and Gastrointestinal Toxicity (1-3). These 2 conditions may result in

  • Decreased Oral Intake
  • Decreased Nutrient Absorption
  • Loss of Nutrients from the Gut, especially Amino Acids
  • Secondary to altered trans membrane Transport of Nutrients
  • Negative nitrogen balance is common in BMT patients as a consequence of both intestinal losses with diarrhea and catabolic effects on skeletal muscle initially exerted by the underlying disease
  • Recovering BMT patients need 50-60% more calories and twice as much protein in their diets than healthy individuals of similar age and gender
  • BMT and related complications can cause severe GI side effects that can lead to poor nutrition
  • Conditioning regimens have tremendous and deleterious consequences on the anatomical and function-al integrity of the gastrointestinal tract

With Es-Fortitude Haemocal, nutritional requirements may be increased to achieve “Optimal Blood Cell Reconstitution” in BMT Patients

Es Fortitude HaemoCal Features

Ensuring Adequate Nourishment in BMT

  • Nutrients for Bone Marrow Recovery

  • Increased production of Immune Cells

  • Liposomal Iron-High bioavailability

  • 3 source of calcium for substained supply

Clinically proven global standard patented ingredients over EON Portfolio

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